CEILPU412   4'-12' Lag Pole
With All Heads
CEILPU612   6'-12' Lag Pole
With All Heads
CEILPU618   6'-18' Lag Pole
With All Heads
CEILPU824   8'-24' Lag Pole
With All Heads
CEILBH   Lag Pole Head-Base/Hangermate
CEILDH   Lag Pole Head-
Hex Drive
CEILH   Lag Pole Head-
Ceiling Wire
CEILVH   Lag Pole Head Vertigo/Sammy Screw
CEILPR   Lag Pole Retro Kit
  • Use to install ceiling wire, jack chain, threaded rod, smooth rod and overhead screws

  • Power the pole with any 3/8" or 1/2" drill

  • Increases safety by keeping your employees on the ground

  • Black anodized aircraft quality aluminum

  • Plug-in heads are kept securely in a plastic container with custom die cut foam
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